William R. Grace, M.D.



Each of us has a unique biological make-up. This is especially true of cancer.  The principal, defining feature of the cancer cell is random genetic disorder.  And yet most cancer patients today receive one-size-fits-all treatments designed for the “average cancer patient,” as if all cancers were the same.  

Chemotherapy response is regulated by thousands of interrelated chemical processes.  These occur continuously within the cancer cell.  Some of these processes are understood but many are not.  Furthermore, no two patients are precisely alike in this regard. 

William Grace, M.D. champions an approach called personalized cytometric profiling. 

In the laboratory, your own living cancer cells are exposed to a broad range of candidate chemotherapy drugs. 

Personalized cytometric profiling reveals which anti-cancer drugs are effective at killing your cancer cells and which agents are not effective. 

Based upon your personalized cytometric profile, Dr. Grace is able to design the chemotherapy regimen that offers you - not the “average cancer patient” - the best possible opportunity for treatment success. 

At the same time, ineffective drugs are avoided.  This spares you needless exposure to unpleasant side effects of drugs that can’t possibly help you. 

In addition, valuable treatment time is not wasted and unnecessary treatment costs to you are avoided.

No two individuals are alike and no two cancers alike.  New generation laboratory testing methods enable Grace Oncology to identify the best treatment for you and you alone.  Dr. Grace is among the world’s foremost experts at the critical skill of personalizing cancer therapy for better results - even in the most difficult clinical situations.  At Grace Oncology we treat the patient - not the diagnosis.